Your home-away-from-home

We can drill the well for you and install one of these solar pump systems which are ideal for recreational homes. They come in many sizes from single panel systems to multiple panel systems. They can connect to the battery bank in your home for power during the night or simply run from the solar panel during they day when the sun is shining to keep your tank full. They can be used to pump water from wells or cisterns.

  • Deliver 500 gallons per day at 1.1 GPM maximum
  • The pump comes with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Pre-assembled with aluminum mounts, and wire harness
  • Aluminum solar panel-to-pole mounts with fasteners
  • Nylon Pre-Filter Kit
  • On/Off Power Switch
  • Easy plug-together connectors
  • Long life brushless motor SR2 Series pump with 100’ of wire
  • No additional controller required
  • Professionally built in the USA

Price: $1500.00 + shipping/handling

Water Wells with Solar Pumps