Above-ground Septic Tanks

250-gallon size. Length=84", Height=14", Width=40"           Price: $389.99 + s/h

350-gallon size. Length=89", Height=25", Width=44"           Price: $553.99 + s/h

Above Ground Water Tanks

Above-ground Septic Tanks

Septic System

Holding tanks are sanitary receptacles for waste where indoor plumbing is not an option. Both functional and discrete, Holding tanks are a necessity for any vacation home. With our tanks you can rest assured that waste is being stored safely.

Our holding tanks are made of an extremely durable plastic, and easily work with different plumbing configurations to ensure that your home remains as clean and uncluttered as possible.

Pick the size you need to last you all summer. At the end of the summer, make a call and have your tank pumped out and emptied for the winter, ready for next summer.

These are simple to connect to the existing plumbing in your home or RV and easy to maintain throughout the summer like you would the septic tank in an RV.

Your home-away-from-home

These above-ground water tanks are ideal for use as potable water storage for your business, farm or rural residential property. Built to last with FDA approved materials and with the special corrugated design to give them extra durability and strength. These Titan Tanks come with a 3 year warranty and in the following sizes:

175 gallons, Diameter=34", Height=54"                           Price: $238.49 + s/h

200 gallons, Diameter=30", Height=78"                           Price: $263.79  + s/h

300 gallons, Diameter=48", Height=44"                           Price: $272.27 + s/h

500 gallons, Diameter=48", Height=68"                           Price: $374.39 + s/h

1000 gallons, Diameter=71", Height=70"                         Price: $578.59 + s/h

1500 gallons, Diameter=71", Height=96"                         Price: $680.68 + s/h

2500 gallons., Diameter=100", Height=86"                      Price: $1021.33 + s/h

We can install a complete septic system with underground tank and drain field, etc. Give us a call for pricing.