Your home-away-from-home


Our mobile app gives you complete control of your home from anywhere in the world. Simply download our free HSTouch app to the Android or Apple mobile device of your choice, link it to your free "MyHS" remote access account and you'll be able to monitor and control your home from anywhere with any WiFi or cellular data connection.

You'll be able to remotely view and change your cabin temperature, open and close locks to let people in, view the camera, turn lights on and off, turn on your fire sprinkler system, and get alarms via text and/or email if the temperature gets too low, or someone breaks into your cabin, etc. all this from anywhere you are as long as you have access to a cell network or the internet.

Prices vary based on what you want to monitor and control. Basic systems start at $399.99. No monthly fees. Requires a constant internet connection at your vacation home.


Your Vacation Home is Always Within Reach!

If you are an owner of a seasonal vacation property, it is likely that both your primary residence and second home are both unoccupied for many months at a time. When you are spending time at one property, the other sits unattended. So how can you ensure that your heating, air conditioning or other systems which rely on power are working? There are temperature and humidity alarms that hook into your phone lines or internet but what if you discontinue these in the off season? Why pay $25/month for phone and $40/month for internet if no one is there to use it?

Also, what if a storm knocks out the phone lines or power lines to your property? If this happens, these other alarm systems are useless.

MarCELLĀ® not only contains a temperature, humidity and power monitor, it is also essentially a cell phone. It calls our server immediately if there is an issue. Once the server has this information, it automatically contacts you via a text message, e-mail message or even a voice phone call to let you know what's wrong. It has an internal long-life battery so when power is knocked out, it keeps operating providing notification so that you can take immediate action to protect your property from damage.

Price: $229.00