Your home-away-from-home

We pride ourselves in helping every family get the vacation house that perfectly fits their needs. Serving the Rocky Mountain area, we want to make your vacation-home your home-away-from-home. Come to Living Large Tiny Homes today to find your perfect home and live large in your new tiny home.

Remote Monitoring

With our remote monitoring package you can view and control such things as the temperature, sprinklers, cameras, etc. and get alarms when there is a break-in.

We bring excellence to the vacation-home buying experience.

Other Accessories 

You can get portable septic tanks, solar powered well water pumps, sprinkling systems in the case of fire in the area, etc.

Everything you need for the perfect vacation-home

The Home

We build to your specifications up to 14' x 30' in our facility and deliver on a skid. They can be partially or fully finished.

Solar Power

Your home can have 110 volt AC power with our solar power package so you can run your lights, refrigerator, curling iron, etc.